Angry Birds Star Wars Free Download

Angry Birds Star Wars is a popular, most searched, most played game and its excellent game it is also played in all over the world.Angry birds is a excellent and cool game and users like it very much you can easily download and install it.Angry birds defend and fight against the pigs and destroy them all the pigs that are the enemies of the angry birds .Angry birds are of different colors like blue, red, green and many other and they are ready to kill the pigs with power full attacks and achieve their goal . 
Angry Birds has very simple method to play and install the game with out any additional effort . Angry Birds game has many stages some are very easy and some are very hard to complete so each round has unique strategic levels which make the player happy during the game.There are maximum 200 stages in the game for free download and others are available shareware edition. 
How to Play Angry Birds:
Game contains the angry birds, bombs, eggs and pigs and they are the playing main role the enemies and hero's. The player is a bird in the game and the pigs are the enemies and they all of fight against each other. The birds has powers of bombs and eggs that are used to kill the enemies (pigs). Main point is to user has to stretch the angry bird selective color as far as possible and the speed decided to take effect of hitting the enemies. So the player can chose and judge the right hitting path for the next try to hit the pigs.
Application Detail:
Size: 748 KB 
License: Freeware
Author: Pokki

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