YouTube Proxy unblocker UltraSurf 12.1 Full Download

YouTube Proxy unblocker UltraSurf 12.1 is a best proxy controller software and users can used it to unblock YouTube videos and it can also unblock the other blocked web pages or popular sites in your country with out bearing any trouble and it can be more easy with the time being and users can hide the unblock the sites with only a single click. 
UltraSurf 12.1 is a one of the best application and become famous because of its fast access to YouTube videos and it also called a YouTube proxy unblocker software.It has an  ability to change your operating system IP address and can hide the server location through its best integrated technology and fast access.
UltraSurf is users friendly easy and help full software and very simple, fast application to use.It can be download easily and available on  with YouTube video downloader. It can open  files in your operating system without taking your time and users can called it time saver. Ultrasurf is a absolutely freeware software that provides the ease to users and enables them to visit sites/pages easily and freely. 
UltraSurf 12.1 is a tiny application and no installation is required for the usage its open just one click and the next moment you can use it. UltraSurf can efficiently supports the Internet Explorer as default web browser and can support Windows with out any extra installation.
Users can use Google Chrome, Opera, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox and other popular browsers. 
Antivirus program can try to prevents UltraSurf and stopped it from browsing and downloading but its not a huge problem for this application. Users must temporarily disabled the antivirus software to run for efficient working of UltraSurf. Its not like Hotspot shield but its working like Hotspot Sheild, Connectify Hotspot, Spotflux and provides the users the maximum security.


  1. Product of Ultrareach Internet Corporation
  2. Originally created to help internet users 
  3. Find security freedom online 
  4. The world's most popular pro-privacy application  
  5. Millions of Users 
  6. Bypass internet censorship

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