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Max Payne 3 is very famous game and the third installment of Rockstar series games and Max Payne 3 is the most recent game developed by Rockstar corporation and they set it on the top of ranking floor of this year after the last installment its become more popular and played all over the world. it based on the action thriller kind of act and become more attractive because of its high graphics it just like GTA grand theft auto but more played and its a successful addition of Rockstar Games.
It facilitates the users of every age with tiny size and low OS requirements player can  and free download full version and install it easily. The main point based on the Max is the hero of the game and story turn about it Max close to washed up himself , drunk and wanted to painkillers its the amazing story game make the player amazed. Max wanted to find out his enemies to kill and for ravage without a job on the force. Max has working as private security offices in Brazil after left the New York.
Game story of the Max is very amazing and descent he wear the leather jacket and his look like private detective and with multiple range of weapon. The graphics of the game shows the natural looks for the player with the addition of Max's classic shoot, moves, dodge and side kicks provide great facility to the player for defend himself and it's a combination of Natural Motions and sidekicks will play a important role in this fabulous game to help the hero Max for his quest.

  • High graphics
  • New look with attractive motions
  • Building area enhance with New York city look
  • New powers included
  • Increase the range of weapons
  • Low system requirement
  • Tiny size
  • New clear look of Max
  • New mission stages
  • Cheat provides
  • Fire effects and sound are included
  • Power full enemies
  • Fast installation

Application Details:
Size: 836 MB
License: Freeware 
OS: Processor 700 MHz  
RAM: 32 MB 
Graphics: Direct 3D
Developer: Rockstar Games
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