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Free Download Viber For Windows/Android
Viber free calling software for windows and now available for MAC, viber for iPhone, iPad, viber for Android and mobiles. Viber free download for windows XP, windows 7, windows 8. Viber is compatible with all new latest devices and also supported to Apple, Windows phone, Blackberry and Nokia. Viber is best application and easy to install and run in PC like whats-app, Line Yahoo, tango, Skype and Nimbuzz. Its a favorite for everyone for free of cost audio, video calling viber to viber anywhere in entire world. Its a perfect and favorite chatting application for online chit chat with friends. It’s a best platform of free voice calling and it can efficiently support to Android and MAC. After Viber's first release it is covered the video and voice calling market.
Many competitors of viber compete but it has some extra ordinary features in itself that make it different application. Viber is become a famous chat messenger just because of its capability and efficiency that make it super free calling apk. Viber is basically a important communication client for conversation with each other on a specific platform online. You can use the viber application anywhere in all over the world in your personal laptop. It also reduces the distance and makes easy all your personal and professional dates. Viber really provides the clear sound quality for voice chatting without any external noise. It’s a really a useful free calling software that can simply install in your operating system without any browsing trouble.
Viber has ability to set necessary voice quality controlling action auto and manually. Viber has the numbers of emotion stickers and smilies that you ever used in yahoo messenger. Emotion and smilies shows your online feelings and your status when your camera is turned off. You can show your every status with emotion stickers to your college, school friends, colleagues and family. Viber provides the facility to save mobile and SIM contacts automatically and convert in viber buddy list all those contacts who have viber application in their cell phones. You can stay connected with all your friends through Viber cross communication system and show your status online every time. Viber is world’s best free voice calling application and you stay in touch with your buddies who lives in anywhere in the world.

Simple and Easy:

Viber is really easy and small application for audio/video calling. It gives many features to user with its user friendly interface. Viber facilitate the user with many advantages of audio/video calling, text chatting, media attachments, emotions, smiles, stickers and so many features just for free.


You can use a lots of stickers and emotions while online chatting its a absolute way of express your feeling to others. You can also send smilies to your friends and colleagues. Stickers provide great fun for chatting and viber has many cartoon smilies and emotion balls for providing fun. You can send stickers in message or instantly.

Multimedia Attachment:

Viber provides the advance platform for attachment or to sent your media files of any size. You can send your multimedia files anywhere in world. It is great facility that offline peoples can also receive your media attachments just like online without any trouble. One's can send his music files, home made videos, photos, camera pics, video short movies, video songs and many more.

Free Audio/Video Calls:

Few years ago voice and video calling is not free of cost or not as easy but now many companies introduce free calling service in Pakistan. Viber is best platform for audio/video free calling and provide fantastic high definition voice quality during calling and you can't imagine before using it. Its a free service providing by Viber to stay connected with your relatives.

No Registration Required:

Registration requirement is really a difficult process but no need of registration during voice calling on viber because its a free service. Viber provides absolutely free of cost service and it do not have any pro version. Viber is fast, simple, easy and tiny size application that provides ease during downloading or installation without log in you can use it. During installation it only require mobile phone number and country code.

Group Chat/Conversation:

Viber provides many cool features of group chatting or group calling with friends. You can do also group conversations with your office colleagues for office meeting. In group conversation you can chat up to 4 persons at a time with cool voice quality.

Location Identification:

You can also check the location of your buddies during chatting or group conversation. One's can locate his friends by a small arrow button besides the send button that shows the location of your friend. Viber allow to identify yourself while chatting and you can locate with + button and select your desired location for getting info. You can also identify your love one's with the Google map screen shots by sending or receiving.


  • Windows
  • MAC
  • Android
  • iPhone
  • Nokia
  • iPad
  • iOS
  • Apple
  • Bada
  • Blackberry
  • Windows Phone
Free Download Viber For Windows
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