God of War PC game Full Version

God of war is most popular game in all over the world and its high graphics are very attractive and it is released by Sony Computer Entertainment.The game play based upon the War between Chaos and enemies and the name represent the theme and summary of the game of God of War.The hero of the game fight with his enemies with his special weapons a couple of sharp blades and he gets the secondary weapons after the winning of every fight the sound of the game is very HQ and clear with different effects.  

The visual graphics are very high and cool and provides the players joy and entertainment the different rounds are added with danger look and effects are also included with shakes and movement sounds.The game focuses on combo based and each and every step of round achieved through the Hero's weapon (Blades of Chaos) and all the secondary weapons are acquired with the time being and during the game.

There are many features are included in the game events and Hero of the game do actions and with sequence to defeat all powerful and strong enemies. The users can use four magical attacks during playing the game for defeating the others and player use these abilities to enhancing the powers as alternative combat options its very useful tools.
In the game world the hero of the game finds chests colored like blue, green and the red color. The health shown with the Green orbs and the blue orbs represent the magic allowing to the player for the further fight usage and upgrading the power provided and shown with the red orbs and player get more powerful attacks. 
Player collect red orbs by killing destroying certain inanimate and foes. The player can get the Eyes and Feathers and these are increase the health and Magic Meters and respectively increase and maximize the player's power.
Application Detail:
Size:525 MB each part
Developed:Santa Monica Studio
OS: 1GB Ram, 2.2 GHz
Full Game
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