Download Windows 8 KMS Activator Version 1.5.1 Full Version

Microsoft has recently released Windows 8 KMS Activator Version 1.5.1. Using this software to Activate Your Windows 8, Enable Background Activator, Install Language Pack, Update Servers, and Rearm Windows. Activation lasts for 180 days simply runs the program again to full. Update : Also Download Windows 8 Genuine Activator v1.5.1>>
What's New In Windows 8 KMS Activator Version 1.5.1
* Fixed the issue where it could not detect what server you picked.

* Fixed the commands with the commands popups.

* Improved Background Activator.

* More bug fixes.

* Serial key insertion.

* KMS Server selection plus.

* Language Pack Installing.

* KMS Background Activating.

* Metro inspired UI.

* Windows Rearm (Works on Windows 7)

* Auto Sever Updating.

System Requirements For Windows 8 KMS Activator v1.5.1Supported Operating System : Windows 8

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