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CadTools (ToolBox) is developed for Civil Engineers using AutoCAD. There are a number of great software on the market supporting the design process of roads, rails etc. For minor design work CadTools can be very useful, it contains more than 50 commands mostly in real 3D to support your work.

By combining separate commands through the work process you can achieve almost anything you want. When I developed the commands I certainly had some situations in mind but every command can be used in a variety of situations not only in civil work design.

With CadTools you can create your own surface models based on objects in the drawing or import triangles from DWG (other civil software). You can create profiles and cross-sections of multiple surfaces, calculate volumes and plot contours.

It's easy and fun creating real 3D models with CadTools commands, some of these commands can only be found in software that you have to pay money for.

work as a civil designer at Tyréns, one of Sweden's leading consulting companies in the urban development sector. My main tool for civil design is Bentley InRoads/RailTrack, one of the best software I've seen. I use Inroads on AutoCAD and find that combination suitable for me. Sometimes you need something less complicated so I started developing CadTools on my laptop while traveling to work by train.

After more than four years of developing this software now is a powerful tool way beyond my first intentions. Honestly I can't be without it, hope you will feel the same.

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